10 lessons from Surah Kahf

The theme of Surah Kahf revolves around the most common trials faced by the faithful and their solutions. Let’s take a look at some lessons taught to us in this beautiful Surah of the Glorious Qur`aan.

  1. Striving to keep good companionship in life helps a person remain committed to his religious principles. This was seen in the Youth of the Cave who assisted each other in staying steadfast when faced with the trial of faith.
  2. Just like the Ashaabul Kahf (Youth of the Cave), at times we all need that 100% connection with Allaah Ta’aala. We all need an escape from the corrupt society we live in. Take the time to sit in seclusion, connect to Allaah Ta’aala, get the 100% recharge of seclusion and then when you go back in to the world, you will see yourself recharged and dealing differently.
  3. The lasting good deeds that one does are what eternally matters. Our sole focus must not be on the ephemeral goods of this life.
  4. Allaah Ta’aala is Al-Hakeem (the Most Wise). He deals with matters in ways we may not always fathom or understand (as seen from the doings of Khidr Alayhis Salaam). We may neither grasp the wisdom nor appreciate the goodness of the decisions of Allaah Ta’aala in our life yet there is always hidden khayr (benefit) in it.
  5. One of the most common tests that a Mu’min (believer) will face in life are trials, persecution and torture in matters of Eemaan (faith). The believer must not be overwhelmed by this.
  6. A result of piety is that Allaah Ta’aala preserves a person’s Dunya (worldly affairs) as well as his Deen (religious affairs). Together with this, Allaah Ta’aala also preserves his progeny. Muhammad ibn al Munkadir R.A says: “It is because of the piety and righteousness of a servant that Allaah Ta’aala protects his children and the children of his children and his family and even the homes built around his home. (Tafsir Mazhari). The father of the orphan children mentioned in Surah Kahf was a pious man and therefore his progeny was divinely protected.
  7. Whoever is true in his desire to distance himself from sin will always find a better, blessed and safer abode just as the Youth of the Cave found when they left their town sticking to their faith. People who are firm in resolve to do something for the sake of Allaah Ta’aala will receive help from Allaah Ta’aala in different amazing ways
  8. Never say that you will do anything in the future without remembering Allaah Ta’aala and saying InshaaAllah at the time of your intention, as you do not know if you will be able to do that action or not.
  9. Remind yourself to do the Dhikr (remembrance) of Allaah Ta’aala when you forget or become heedless. This will rejuvenate you.
  10. The time of youth is a time for inculcation of guidance and righteousness. The word Fityah (they were young men- Surah Kahf Verse 13) is the plural of fata’ meaning someone in the stage of youth. As an Arabic saying goes: ‘Man shabba ‘alaa shay’in shaaba alayhi’ which means ‘He who grows with a habit greys with it’.

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