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In the midst of lakes, dams a golf course nests Masjid-ul-Ansaar in Lakefield a suburb of Benoni. The Masjid is situated off the M2 Witbank highway. The Masjid and complex provides facilities for regular prayers to some three hundred families in and around the area. The building complex has become the central figure, pride and joy where members daily engage also in collective activities that promote and foster the development of comradeship and close unity of every household. There are facilities for ladies as a stop over for Salaat and general freshening up. We on a regular basis organise and encourage our Musallees and women folk to attend lectures, forming committees through which they can contribute constructively in social, domestic and educational programmes that in turn can benefit the wider society.

Members of the Current Executive:

Chairman – Akhtar Seedat

Vice Chairman – Ismail Loonat
Secretary – Shabbir Ahmed Moola
Assistant Secretary– Farid Karolia
Treasurer – Zaheer Adam
Assistant Treasurer – Mahomed Fakir Matwad
Other Executive Members – Adam Loonat, Dr Yusuf Makda, Bashir Omar

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