Seventy years before the Beloved birth of Nabi (S.A.W), an infidel king, Yusuf Dhu Nawaas, ruled Najraan in Yemen. Before venturing in any avenue, he would first consult with his most loyal consultant, a soothsayer or magician.

When the soothsayer or magician became old, he requested if an intelligent young boy could be sent to him to become his vicegerent. Before passing away, he would pass his expertise of black magic or foretelling to this young boy so that he will be able to give the king the best advice.

After a search in the kingdom, a young boy named Abdullah Bin Taamir was chosen for this huge task. Daily, he would come to the king’s castle to study under his teacher. One day, on his way to the castle, he saw a monastery. Curiously, he stepped forward for answers to his sudden questions. He met a Christian Monk who followed the true Deen of Eesa (A.S). After a few meetings, he accepted the Deen of this Monk and Belief in the Oneness of Allah (S.W.T). Allah (S.W.T) blessed him with conviction in Faith. Sitting in the company of the Monk, he would come late for lessons and receive beating from his teacher. After lessons, he would again sit in the company of the Monk. When coming home late, he would receive beating again from his family.

One day, a lion blocked the road. No one could pass because of fear of the beast. Taking a stone, Abdullah threw it at the lion whilst making Duaa “O Allah (S.W.T)! If the religion of the Monk is true, then kill this beast with this stone. And if the soothsayer or magician is true, then the beast must not die with my stone.” On immediate struck, the lion dies. News of a miraculous boy flies like wild fire in the kingdom.

A blind man comes to Abdullah seeking his eyesight to be restored. Abdullah invites him to the Belief of the Oneness of Allah (S.W.T) After acceptance, Abdullah makes Duaa (supplicates) to Allah (S.W.T). Allah (S.W.T) grants this blind man his eyesight back.

When the news reaches the king, he summons the young boy, the Monk and the blind man. On entering the castle, the king’s officers kill the Monk and the blind man. Thereafter, the king orders that Abdullah should be taken to the summit of the mountain and thrown to death. Reaching the summit of the mountain, the earth quakes and all the king’s officers fall to death, Abdullah returns unharmed. Not accepting defeat, the king again orders that Abdullah should be taken to the middle of the sea and left to drown. While sailing, the seas become rough. A huge wave comes and throws aboard all the king’s officers. Abdullah again returns with no scratch.

Abdullah goes to the king and says, “You will only be able to kill me if you call the people of the kingdom to an open field. Take a bow from my quiver. Place it in my bow. Whilst shooting this arrow at me recite BISMILLAH (In the Name of Allah).” Having no other option, the king follows the instructions of the miraculous young wise boy. When the arrow struck the body of this boy, immediately, he passes away. Witnessing this incident, in one voice, the entire crowd says AAMANNAA BILLAH (We believe in Allah (S.W.T)).

The king furious with the outcome of this incident, consults with his cabinet. After consultation, he orders that trenches should be dug around the entire kingdom and fuelled with fire. Whoever does not denounce their belief will be thrown in it. One by one, believers were thrown in trenches of fire. A mother comes with her infant child. With the permission of Allah (S.W.T), the infant speaks and consoles his mother, “O Mother! Be steadfast! You are indeed on the truth.”

Recorded in the archives of history, more than twelve thousand Believers were thrown into the fiery furnace because they did not denounce their true belief. Before their bodies could touch the fire, their souls were extracted and their bodies remained in the trenches of fire.

Together with punishment of the blazing fire of Jahannam, Allah (S.W.T) punished these people in this world on account of causing harm to His loved ones – The Believers. When the fire flared from the trenches, the entire kingdom caught alight. All those infidels sitting and watching this atrocity burned to death. The only person that survived the fire was the king, Yusuf Dhu Nawaas. He flung himself into the sea and drowned.

In the Khilaafat of Umar (R.A), Yemen was under Muslim rule. For an unknown reason, the governor of Yemen dug a certain land and the body of Abdullah Bin Taamir was found still intact in a sitting posture. His hand was on his hip joint where the arrow struck him to his worldly end. When his hand was moved, fresh blood began to flow. Immediately, his hand was placed back. He had a ring which was inscribed with ALLAHU RABBI (Allah (S.W.T) is my Lord). The governor asked Ameerul Mumineen Umar (R.A) for further instructions. Umar (R.A) replied in writing that the body with the ring should be buried in the same spot.

In Surah Buruj, the 85th chapter of The Noble Qur’aan, Allah (S.W.T) curses these torturers. Causing harm to the Believers, they attained destruction in this world, an eternal curse of Allah (S.W.T) and failure in the never-ending life of the Hereafter – entrance in the Blazing fire of Jahannam. Nabi (S.A.W) says that Allah (S.W.T) said, “I announce war on that person who troubles my friend.”


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