Importance of Du’aa

Give special attention to making Duaa.

The Qur’aan Shareef and Ahadeeth place special importance on making Du’aa (supplicating and beseeching Allaah Ta’aala). In our times we see the complete opposite happening. The practice of reciting wazifas (prescriptions of pious persons seeking specific favour or reward) is given more significance than what is even given to reciting the Noble Qur`aan. While reciting the Noble Qur`aan, we casually converse with each other, yet consider it improper to talk while reciting some wazifas. We have reversed everything. Du’aa was more important than wazifas, it was more important than ta’weez (amulets), it was more important than many other things. A person must ask Allaah Ta’aala, he must beg at the door of Allaah Ta’aala, believing that Allaah Ta’aala is All Powerful and All Mighty and the He can fulfil all the needs of a person.

Allaah Ta’aala is the one who fulfils all needs.

Allaah Ta’aala is the one who provided in the mothers stomach, again when the baby came into the mothers stomach, Allaah Ta’aala was the one who provided milk, Allaah Ta’aala converted the blood into milk and provided for the baby. Who else could do this? After that, look at all the arrangements that Allaah Ta’aala has made for the tarbiyyah (upbringing) of this person, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth and everything around works for this human being. So He is the one before whom we must bow down, who we must obey and of whom we must beg.

Make Deep Hearted Du’aas.

Nowadays we are not prepared to make deep hearted Du’aa. We will instead get one ta’weez or wazifa, and many a time the person who is asking for the wazifa doesn’t even perform Salaah. There is no Salaah yet the person seeks a wazifa for the solution of his problem. Is the wazifa or ta’weez going to solve the problem? And if it does solve the problem, then remember that it is just a temporary phase, where Allaah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala) is just giving some rope, and if the person does not understand that this is just some rope (respite) then sooner or later this rope will hang him! There is a difference between when Allaah Ta’aala gives with His happiness and pleasure and when He gives a person out of respite for his evil deeds.

Truly believe that Allaah Ta’aala is listening.

If a person truly believes that my Allaah Ta’aala is listening to my Du’aa and He has the ability to grant me my needs and remove my difficulty, then Allaah Ta’aala accepts such Du’aas bearing in mind too that a person’s earnings must be Halaal (lawful) in order for the Du’aa to be accepted.

Heart, Mind and Soul must be in the Du’aa

While making Du’aa, a person must not have an unconcerned heart. The heart, mind and soul must be in the Du’aa to guarantee acceptance and then Allaah Ta’aala will respond to the Du’aa in a manner that in the knowledge of Allaah Ta’aala is best for the person.

Our limited understanding of acceptance of Du’aa

Many times what a person seeks at a certain time, Allaah Ta’aala knows fully well that this is not the appropriate time for the person to have that. It may just divert him from the remembrance of Allaah, or perhaps Allaah Ta’aala wants to bless him with a greater Ni’mah (bounty) while he cries for something inferior. At times a person is deprived of what we term ‘worldly things’ and if he is given the Tawfeeq (divine guidance) of getting up for Tahajjud (early morning optional Salaah), this is not regarded as a great Ni’mah from Allaah Ta’aala. We don’t regard these things as “getting something”.

A Muslim minister in the time of the British Government used to tell his wife: “What’s the reason for you performing Namaaz (Salaah) and making Du’aa all the time, what are you short of? In our home, what do we not have that you keep on begging Allaah Ta’aala, what do you get out of making Namaaz?” So Hazrat Thanwi (Rahmatullah Alayh) said, “I would’ve said I am getting Namaaz by Namaaz”. (Meaning if a person gets the guidance to perform Salaah, he has been blessed with a great thing, if only he values the greatness of that Salaah)

Our idea of what we can get?

So our idea of what we ‘get’ is how much comes into the house in terms of gold and silver. If the person gets Sukoon (tranquillity) in the heart, if he gets peace of mind, unity in the family, barakah (divine blessing) in his favours, is that not also getting something? If he gets the guidance to recite the Noble Qur`aan, to participate in some Deeni activity, is this not getting something? But we don’t look at it as getting something. In our minds getting something is how much comes into the pocket, how much comes into the bank, how much comes into the purse! There is nothing wrong if the wealth comes in the Halaal (permissible) way, but we must not consider this the only ‘getting’.


Allaah Ta’aala is prepared to give. Are we prepared to seek from Him?

Transcribed from a talk of Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel (Rahmatullah Alayh) delivered on 07/05/2011

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