The nation of Sabaa was a blessed nation blessed with uncountable blessings. They came from the progeny of the likes of Bilqisg of the time of Sulaymaan (A.S). They lived in Ma’rib in Yemen. Ma’rib was a beautiful lush valley situated in between two mountains. At the end of the valley was a perfectly constructed dam. Rain water and all other water sources would gather in this dam. From this dam, canals would run on the slopes of the mountains. The entire valley of Mar’rib was surrounded with lush gardens and fruit-bearing orchards. With this perfect irrigation system, no effort was needed to maintain this flawless landscape.

Allah (S.WT) describes this valley in the Noble Qur’aan as the pure city. If a woman with an empty basket on her head would walk through one of the many blossoming orchards, before exiting, with no effort, her basket would be filled with delicious varieties of fruit. No mosquito, flee, fly, snake or scorpion could be found in Ma’rib. If an outsider would enter with lice in his hair or clothes, the lice would immediately die at the entrance because of the pure fresh environment.

Together with eating the provisions of Allah (S.W.T) to their fill, they were instructed to appreciate what they were blessed with. They only had to be grateful for the exceptional blessings of Allah (S.W.T).

After a while, they became haughty, arrogant and began to rely on their own intelligence. Having a superior complex, they began to forget The Creator of their beautiful home. Allah (S.W.T) sent thirteen Messengers to warn them and call them back to the path of truth and gratitude. But after the coming of Eesa (A.S), about four hundred years before the Beloved Birth of Nabi (S.AW), they crossed all limits. They began to make Kufr (Disbelief in Allah (S.W.T)).

Abdullah Bin Abbas (R.A) explains that blind rats began to take refuge in the foundation of their perfectly engineered dam. Soothsayers foretold their destruction by rats. Using their intellect, they kept many cats. The blind rats remained in their hideout to stay safe from the vicious cats. The rats eating on the foundation made the walls of the dam weak. When the water pressure became uncontrollable, the weak walls cracked and the entire valley was wiped out. The beautiful valley of Ma’rib was destroyed. Ma’rib became uninhabited. The once beautiful orchards became creepy scary forests filled with thorny trees and bitter tasteless fruit like tamarisk.

Ingratitude is tantamount to disbelief. Allah (S.W.T) says in the Noble Qur’aan, “Very few of my servants are grateful.” Gratitude is a sign of the Messengers and Beloved ones of Allah (S.W.T). Learn from the past! Ingratitude and pride lead to ultimate doom and destruction. Gratitude and appreciation is the key to success.


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