Our Services

Salaat facilities

Masjid is open for all five of the daily prayers. At any time the main Masjid section can
be used for reading the Quran and quiet contemplation. The Masjid can accommodate up
to 800 Musallees as well as space in the Ladies Salaah room.


Madrasah for Children

Time: Monday to Friday – 15:00 to 17:00
Suitability: English speaking children aged 5 upwards.
Learn how to recite the Holy Qur’an and obtain a good grounding in Islam.
We currently have classes for children from Grade 0 – 10

Application for Admission to Madrasah

Arabic Classes
Occurs once a week in the Multi-Purpose Room (Upstairs)

Quraan Classes for Adults
Occurs once a week in the Multi-Purpose Room (Upstairs)

Adult Ladies Madrasah
Occurs every Friday from 15:00 to 17:00 upstairs in the Multi-Purpose Room

Nikkah (Marriage)
The performance of Nikaah can be arranged with the respected Imaams. Family life is a
building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy.

Mayyit (Funeral)
In conjunction with Benoni Brotherhood Services we can help you through a difficult
time by picking up your loved one from the mortuary in one of our hearses, arranging a
kabr (grave), performing the Ghusal (washing the body) and providing transportation to
the Kabrastan (cemetery). The cost is kept as low as possible by our use of volunteers.
Contact us on 0123456789 to be guided through the process following a sudden death.

Radio Transmitter (Bilal)
We transmit the call to prayer, congregational prayers and lectures via the FM transmitter
installed at our Masjid. Our Masjid is on channel 31. You can purchase a Bilal radio
receiver from us which is pre-programmed to with the transmission frequencies of all
Masjids in the locality which offer a similar service.

Advice by Imaams
Muslims should turn to us for help and advice in every aspect of their lives. We have
experienced imams to advise and counsel on bereavement, cultural challenges and matrimonial
problems etc.

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